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31. January 2017

EMS-Training: Starke Impulse für den Fitnessmarkt

2016 könnte rückblickend als das Jahr gelten, in dem EMS-Training den Sprung aus der Nische geschafft hat. Die Ergebnisse der neuen fitogram Studie zum deutschen EMS-Markt sprechen eine deutliche Sprache: Mittlerweile trainieren...[more]

17. January 2017

Succession arrangements at Kieser Training

As part of its succession arrangements, the husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Werner and Gabriela Kieser, MD, have sold Kieser Training AG to their CEO Michael Antonopoulos and current Board member Nils Planzer.[more]


Somuchmore joins forces with Urban Sports Club

A very successful year for Urban Sports Club closes with a bang: The company's biggest competitor, Somuchmore, has joined forces with the market leader for sports flat rates. At the same time, the old investors of Somuchmore -...

29. July 2016

Life Fitness Plans to Add Indoor Cycling Group to Its Brand Portfolio

One of the leading indoor cycling brands enhances the equipment manufacturer’s group exercise offering.[more]

07. July 2016

For now, no IPOs for Bannatyne and Pure Gym

Bannatyne Group has discarded its plans for a partial IPO and evaluates other approaches for financing its growth. After the Brexit referendum, Pure Gym waits for calmer times.[more]

23. June 2016

Benefit Systems Pushes Forward Vertical Integration through Acquisitions

Benefit Systems SA increases its involvement with the Polish fitness market. The company invested in a number of concepts that support an active and healthy lifestyle. With this strategy, Benefit Systems aims to integrate the...[more]

13. June 2016

Acquisition of CMG and Silhouette

The French asset management firm LFPI has acquired a majority stakes in CMG Sports Clubs and Silhouette Wellness from 21 Centrale Partners. In 2008, 21 Central Partners had purchased an 85% share in Club Med Gym and renamed the...[more]

10. June 2016

Basic-Fit goes public

The budget fitness operator Basic-Fit has announced that the issue price of its common stock in the initial public offering (IPO) has been set at EUR 15 per share. As part of the offering, 26.7 million shares have been placed by...[more]

04. May 2016
Development Revenues & EBITDA of Technogym 2013 to 2015

Technogym makes IPO to institutional investors

The Italian fitness equipment manufacturer is now listed at Milan Stock Exchange. The issue price values the company at EUR 650 million.[more]

21. March 2016

eGym secures EUR 40 million in Series C funding

eGym, one of the leading providers of high-tech strength equipment and advanced software for organizing the fitness training floor, has today announced EUR 40 million (USD 45 million) Series C financing led by new investor HPE...[more]

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